Let my experience & expertise ensure that your special day will be everything you’ve dreamed it would be.

DJ Frank Chavez

Over 25 years of providing the best customer service in the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What will you wear?

I will always dress in appropriate attire according to the event. For weddings a tuxedo or a white long-sleeved dress shirt black slacks & a black tie, depending on the wishes of the client.

Will you act as Master of Ceremonies at my wedding?

Yes; I am an accomplished professional speaker and capable of acting as Master of Ceremonies.

How many breaks will you take?

None; the music does not stop!

Do you take requests?

Yes. My music collection covers all genres of music and I do my best to accommodate the guests at your event.

What type of equipment do you have? Is there a light show?

Yes; there is a light show & smoke (if the venue allows it)  all systems are digital. Shure wireless mics, Qsc amps & Eminence speakers are some of the brands I use.

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